2nd Study Group with Industry in Cyprus (ESGI146), 3-7 December 2018-PLEASE REGISTER

The 2nd Study Group with Industry in Cyprus (146th European Study Group with Industry) is co-organised by MI-NET, SciShops.eu and Cardiff University (School of Mathematics) and will be hosted at the University of Cyprus from 3-7 December 2018, in Nicosia. This is also a “co-creation event with society” and it will be focused on societal challenges (which are the focus of SciShops.eu that is co-funding the activities).

We are currently in the intensive process of finalising 3-4 business and societal challenges. One challenge has been finalised; it is from the UK-based company Smart Separations who are building novel filters to drastically improve air quality and more efficiently separate biological samples. We are discussing one on “Women in Science & Tech” and one on modelling housing markets and affordable housing in Cyprus, amongst others. The filtration challenge involves fluids/continuum mechanics and the latter challenges are bound to be data intensive. Our target are 30 researchers from various universities, countries and with different mathematical expertise and levels of seniority.

Please register as soon as possible at


Registration is free, the local expenses (accommodation and subsistence) can be covered for 30 participants and some funding may be available for travelling also. Please indicate in your application whether you need funding.

Please do not make any travel arrangements and bookings until you receive a confirmation email from us with further instructions.

Looking forward to hosting you in Cyprus! (The weather is still very good in early December ;))

Best wishes,
Katerina Kaouri.
(On behalf of the Organising Team, ESGI146).


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