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Mathematics of Planet Earth Symposium on November 8

The MPE Symposium will be held at CWI, Amsterdam on November 8, 2018 from 12.30-18.00. The theme this time is Patterns and Mathetmatical Structures. Keynote speakers are: Henk Dijkstra (IMAU, Utrecht), Felix Beckebanze (Mathematical Institute, Utrecht), and Henk Schuttelaars (Mathematics, T.U. Delft).

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Study Group Mathematics with Industry (SWI) invites companies to submit problems, January 27 to February 1, Wageningen

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Event: Talent Scheme Information Meeting (Veni, Vidi, Vici), 9 November

NWO organises information meetings for researchers who want to apply for a Veni, Vidi of Vici grant. Practical information is given and selection committee members, NWO secretaries and researchers who have already acquired a Veni, Vidi or Vici share their experiences during a question and answer session. The next meeting will be held on 9 November 2018. The meetings are in English.

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Domains will assess cross-domain proposals in the Talent Scheme in future

In the Talent Scheme, there will no longer be a separate committee for cross-domain proposals. In future rounds of Vici and Vidi (call opens 2019) and Veni (call opens 2020), NWO will assess all proposals, including the cross-domain proposals, within the domains Science, SSH and TTW. That also applies to proposals within ZonMw.

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Call open: Complexity and Creative Industry: Grip on Transitions and Resilience (deadline preliminary applications, 17 January, 2019)

Consortia of academic researchers, private partners e.g. businesses, governments and civil society organisations and public research institutes like TNO can request funding for innovative, transdisciplinary research into complex systems, to provide the creative professional with additional handles in developing solutions to persistent societal problems, which cannot be solved with conventional ways of governing or design.

Quoting part of the call text:

“An exploration of complexity theory can open up perspectives for creating well-reasoned and methodical impact. For instance, by giga-mapping and analysing complex systems, and then modelling and simulating actions and interventions, or by naming and quantifying aspects of systemic transitions. More specific examples would be identifying resistances in the system and naming, analysing and (if possible) predicting tipping points in (social) transformations. Using methods and concepts derived from complexity theory, the Creative Industry can for example contribute towards the resolution of challenges in the field of digitisation and ownership, smart cities and the sharing economy, cultural networks and healthcare systems. The Creative Industry helps to create impact in such systems with interventions, experiments and solutions that are not immediately obvious for the sector in question.”

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Matchmaking event for this call on 2 November
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Call open: Cybersecurity – Digital Security & Privacy (deadline preliminary applications, 24 January, 2019)

This call opens the way for fundamental and applied cybersecurity research to be undertaken within the context of a single project. Each proposal requires the formation of a consortium involving at least one accredited knowledge institute and at least one non-academic private co-financier.

Call website:—digital-security–privacy/cybersecurity—digital-security–privacy.html

Matchmaking event for this call on 13 November
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Call open: Sustainable Living Labs Phase 2: Lighthouse projects

NWO and TKI Dinalog have decided to facilitate the development of a number of Sustainable Living Labs with an NWO Responsible Innovation approach for the Top Sector Logistics in which a clear connection is sought with the Top Sector Water & Maritime and the Top Sector Energy. Funding can be requested to further develop, set up and realise these living labs with a consortium that has a strong interdisciplinary composition.

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New tracks for NWO Domain Science 2019 – 2022

In the summer of 2018, the board presented “Off the beaten track”, the strategy manifesto of NWO Domain Science. In this blog, the chair of NWO Domain Science sketches the contours of this.

Discussieer mee over de transitie naar open access, 1 November
Alle wetenschappelijke publicaties gefinancierd met publiek geld in 2020 toegankelijk via open access tijdenschriften en platforms? Discussieer op donderdag 1 november mee met NWO-voorzitter Stan Gielen over hoe die transitie naar open access goed kan verlopen.

New Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity

During this public discussion meeting, researchers can share their views with the president of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) and others about Plan S, which is meant to accelerate the transition to open access. NWO was the signatory to the plan on behalf of the Netherlands.

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